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Public Fax Service

FAX24, a send-only fax service for public use, is now available at the Plainfield Public Library! The FAX24 fax machine is located by the
Circulation Desk on the main floor next to the small service window.

The fax machine is self-service and uses voice instructions to guide you through the entire fax transaction. The voice-prompts are in English only, but a Spanish translation of the process is available upon request at the Circulation Desk.

Fax Rates

Payment Method
SEND - International

Credit Cards

Credit Cards

$1.75 1st page
$1.00 each additional page

$3.95 1st page
$3.45 each additional page


Prepaid Fax Cards
available for purchase
at the Circulation Desk

$1.75 - 1 page
$2.75 - 2 pages
$3.75 - 3 pages
$4.75 - 4 pages
$6.75 - 6 pages

$3.75 - 1 page
$6.75 - 2 pages

Operating Instructions

To send a fax:

  1. Stack up to 8 pages in the fax tray (additional pages may be added as your fax is being sent).
  2. Lift handset.
  3. Listen to the step-by-step voice instructions.
  4. Visit for additional features.

In addition to sending a fax, the machine has the ability to scan (in black & white only) a document and send it to your email. The prices for this service are the same as sending a fax. Simply lift the handset and listen to the directions. Once the scan is complete visit to retrieve your document.

For more information please contact the Circulation Department at 908-757-1111 x111.

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